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A Better World

Timely musings about our society, our issues, our world by Don Shapiro President, First Concepts Consultants, Inc.

Don Shapiro founds The Leadership Initiative for the Restaurant Industry

A New Awareness and Research Initiative for the Restaurant Industry

The mission of The Leadership Initiative is to expand awareness about what leadership is and how it boost restaurant results, conduct new research to prove that raising manager leadership effectiveness increases sales and profits, and explore additional ways to develop leaders that will raise the consistency of unit performance chain wide.

What if a restaurant chain could increase its average sales per unit by 5% to 10% by boosting the leadership effectiveness of every manager chain wide?

Don Shapiro founded this Initiative to help raise the importance of leadership in the restaurant industry and help chains discover how boosting leadership effectiveness can increase measurable results. To …

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Addressing the Root Cause of Military Sexual Assault: Letter to Washington

Copy of letter sent to 13 top Pentagon, 10 U.S. Senators, 6 U.S. House and 5 White House staff (see CC:) about focusing more on the root cause of military sexual assault which stems from a lack of character and failure to follow each services core values.

June 17, 2013

The Honorable Chuck Hagel
Secretary of Defense
1000 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1000

Dear Secretary Hagel,

Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in actions aimed at stopping sexual harassment and assault in the military—five pieces of proposed legislation, hearings and conferences. Improving the judicial approach, ramping up the consequences and making everyone in the military more aware will produce some positive results, but not stop an unacceptable level of incidents …

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Insights Into Success

Articles by Don Shapiro, President, First Concepts Consultants, Inc. on his observations about what affects organization success.

Build Trust to Boost Employee Retention and Customer Service

What are the leadership qualities that build trust?

When employees trust management, they enthusiastically deliver great customer service and stick around a lot longer. Trust is what drives higher …

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Seven Questions to Help You Build Trust as a Leader

New book from the Lead Change Group on character and leadership

With the release of the …

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Raise the Customer’s Perceptions of Value to Close More Sales

The More Sales People Know About What Affects Their Prospects Perceptions Of Value, The Better The Choices They Make To Close The Sale

Closing the sale comes down to the choices …

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Customer Value…The Ultimate Path To The Best Strategies, Products & Services

All strategies such as improving quality, enhancing service, lowering operating cost, changing distribution channels, altering the go to market approach, raising productivity through technology, discounting prices and so on depend …

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We Need People Who Can Lead Regardless Of Their Title

The success of any organization be it a business, non-profit, educational institution or government, depends on its people. All the fancy strategies, creations and technology mean absolutely nothing without people …

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Make The Value Visible: The Lawry’s Gong Story

Don Shapiro started his management career with Lawry’s Restaurants famous for Lawry’s The Prime Rib.  In his speeches and workshops, he shares a story …

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