Revenue Detectives


First Concepts helps companies find more ways to increase their sales, margins and market share. As Revenue Detectives, the firm discovers what’s going on inside the mind of customers that what would cause more customers to say yes more often at profitable prices. Through their original research on how customers figure out their perceptions of value and what causes that value to rise and fall, First Concepts helps salespeople close more sales, service people retain more customers and companies improve their brand image, competitive position and go to market strategies.

Revenue Detectives

Revenue Detectives

Stealth Value Investigation

Improve Strategy, Products and Service Through Customer Value

Customized Executive Workshops To Uncover More Revenue

Sales Training & Sales Management Consulting To Increase Sales

Implement Change Through People, Leadership & Structure

All First Concepts services are based on Don Shapiro’s original discoveries and innovations about why people buy, how customers figure out value, strategy, structure, decision making, implementation and Character-Based Leadership.


Discover Everything Affecting Growth, Margins And Market Share

There is hidden gold inside what you, your customers and your markets do that can increase your sales. You just need to deeply mine for it to find it.  Customer value is the sum total of everything a customer knows about what you offer, how it affects their situation and how important it is to them. It isn’t just about what you offer. It’s also about how you go about doing what you do inside your firm and in your interactions with customers.  Based on First Concepts Consultants 27 years of doing revenue investigations, there is hidden value in every company and customer that could be converted into more sales and better prices.

Customers make decisions to buy based on everything they are aware of at that moment. That awareness is their perceived value for what you offer. Inside of customers, there is more that they would value if they were aware of it. That value exist inside of the customer and in things a company offers and how it goes about it that it has never made the customer aware of. Revenue investigations explore everything a company does and how it does it that affect what it offers for sale and how it engages with customers. The discoveries made can help increase differentiation, justify higher prices and spur faster growth.

Please read this blog that includes a list of the questions and issues to explore in finding stealth value.

Learn more about First Concepts 5 Step Consulting Process from investigation to assisting with implementation.


Only the customer can define value

Only the customer knows what they consider important enough that they would pay a price to get and what they wouldn’t pay anything for it  no matter how good it may seem to others. The only way a business can make enough money to satisfy shareholders is by delivering value to customers that they are willing to pay a profitable price to get.

When an organization weaves an understanding of what their target customers value and don’t value into everything they do, they are posed for the type of growth that will produce a return for shareholders. First Concepts puts on its revenue detectives cap to help organizations address all the issues necessary for customer value to drive their business.

  • Is the organization’s core purpose based on delivering satisfying value to customers at a profitable price?
  • Has the organization uncovered everything that customers’ highly value?
  • Have products and services been developed based on what customers’ value enough they would pay a profitable price to get it?
  • Are all components of quality and service based on what customer’s highly value?
  • Have all the creative sales and marketing strategies to make the value visible been identified and compared?
  • Is every single part of the strategy and plan based on the core purpose?
  • Does every employee understand what customer’s value and how that affects the way they do their job?


A Quick Way To Help Top Management Find More Revenue

The Revenue Detectives conduct a preliminary investigation into the company, offerings, prospects, customers and competition then customize a workshop for executives.  The workshop shares our findings and recommendations as well as the sales and marketing practices and benchmarking behind these recommendations.  That leads into a brainstorming session about various ways the firm can improve what it is currently doing and add new ways to increase its growth.


Close More Sales

Sales Training &  Reinforcement Based On Why People Buy And How They Figure Out Value

Closing the sale is primarily due to the choices salespeople make about what they do next to influence the prospects perceptions of value. Those choices are based on what they know about the customer and their situation. Even experienced and trained salespeople fail to uncover all the information that could help close the sale because they are not aware there is more to be learned.  This customized training teaches salespeople about First Concepts discoveries on why people buy, how they figure out value and what affects whether they say yes or no. This knowledge motivates them to learn more about their customers and use that information to help justify the purchase and increase their win rates.  Read more…

Maximize Sales Force Potential

Investigate the A to Z issues affecting a sales forces ability to get in front of more qualified prospects and convert them into sales

A Comprehensive investigation of the sales force, sales management, customer perceptions and marketing support to identify unrealized sales potential and develop a plan to tap it.Read more….


People are your organization. There is no organization without them. How well would your firm do if no one showed up for work? Exactly! Every decision, every strategy, every plan, every action, every result occurs because of what people do. From top to bottom, it’s all about people. People create and carry out what the organization does. The structure, culture, environment, leadership practices, selection and retention methods, training, communications and more all contribute to how well strategies and purpose are implemented. All of this must support the strategy or the strategy will change on its own to fit the actual organization. First Concepts helps organizations address the people, leadership and structural issues that are critical to effectively implement the improvements we identify as revenue detectives.

  • What is the right structure and culture to support the strategy and purpose?
  • Has the people side of implementing products, services, programs, initiatives, & strategy been thoroughly addressed?
  • Does the organization have the right employees to get the job done?
  • Is the organizations employee turnover low enough to produce optimum results?
  • What is affecting employee performance, attitudes and commitment?
  • What is affecting teamwork, coordination and communications?
  • What is affecting dealer, franchisee, affiliate and venture partner commitment?
  • How is the effectiveness of leaders and leadership practices affecting implementation?

Need a Speaker, Seminar Leader or Trainer for Your Next Meeting?

Don Shapiro Speaks – website about his speeches, workshops and training


Schedule a phone conversation with Don Shapiro, President of First Concepts Consultants, Inc., to answer your questions and explore how your firm can increase it’s revenue and market share above your existing level of performance.

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  1. Holly McChesney
    November 1, 2010 @ 12:31 pm

    How much is the training for sales? Is there a specific training on Cold Calling? Is the training virtual or a location?


  2. Don Shapiro
    November 1, 2010 @ 1:08 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Thanks for asking. We are a general management consulting firm with a specialized expertise in improving the performance of an entire sales force through an integrated approach. This includes multiple sales training classes, management reinforcement, new performance measurements and new incentive/rewards as well as hands on consulting assistance to management to insure the entire sales force increases its sales above revenue targets or budgets.

    Because this is a consulting engagement, there are a lot of factors that determine the investment a company would make in our services. The size of the sales force and the number of individuals involved in sales management and supervision all can effect the size and scope of our assistance. We focus on delivering a high return on investment to our clients which means the increased sales we help them produce generates enough of an increase in pretax profits to pay back the entire investment quickly.

    Our approach is entirely customized. We learn what challenges sales people are facing and what is going on with their prospects so we can customize our training and reinforcement approach for the company. The training we do offer represents the key to what it takes to close a sale.

    It can and does affect cold calling not through some fancy techniques but because our proven approach changes dramatically the questions a sales person ask and the conversation they have with a new prospect. Traditional cold calling techniques fail to account for what is actually going on inside the prospects mind. Our training is based on our discoveries about how prospects think out a decision to buy from no interest to where do I sign.

    Taking sales training by itself as an isolated event whether in person or virtual has very little affect on improving performance. Research has shown that even if a sales person initially improves their sales, they will not sustain that increase long term. That’s why most sales training does not produce a good return on investment.

    The only way to sustain a long term increase in sales performance is with consistent and frequent reinforcement through more than ones training program so the skills can be clarified, reinforced and conditioned, plus field training and coaching by management, plus a focus on this training in every sales meeting, plus new measurements tied into the training and new compensation/incentives/rewards connected to the training. And this entire effort must be maintained 24/7 for at least 6 months time if not longer.

    I would be happy to explore this with you in more detail on the phone or through email to help you evaluate your options. My email address is or you can get the email address link on the Contact page.


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