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Don Shapiro Inspires Salespeople To Increase Sales With Customized Speeches, Seminars & Training That Take Them On A Safari Inside The Mind Of Their Customers

New Discoveries Help Salespeople Close More Sales

The more salespeople know about their customer’s perceptions of value, the more sales they close. Closing the sale is primarily about raising the customer’s perceptions of value as high as possible. When salespeople learn how customers figure out their perceptions of value and what causes that value to rise and fall, they become aware of more that is going on inside the mind of the customer and more they can do to influence their decision.

Balancing scale of value
Customer Value

Salespeople who use perceptions to value to better understand their customers close more sales. They hear more issues that are affecting the customer and interpret what the customer says more accurately. They make fewer assumptions about where the customer is at and better pinpoint what they need to do next to move the sale forward. They address more issues and learn more about what will cause the customer to buy.

Perceptions Of Value Link Customer And Sales Process

The customer’s perception of value is the unifying concept that explains why people buy and why they don’t. Perceptions of value link together everything going on inside the customers mind with everything involved in the sales process. The critical elements of the sales process lead to good results but do not fully explain what is going on inside the customers mind.

Even salespeople who routinely exceed their quotas lose sales they could have closed had they addressed a few more things. The customer’s perception of value gives salespeople an umbrella concept that takes them further inside the mind of their customers to pinpoint what they need to do to move the sale forward. When a salesperson focuses on raising their customer’s perceptions of value, they close more sales.

Even Top Salespeople Can Learn To Close The Sale More Often

No matter how experienced your salespeople are or how much sales training they’ve been through, most of them could close more sales based on our research. These new discoveries are the result of going deep inside the prospects’ mind by traveling with salespeople, interviewing prospects and customers and observing thousands of salespeople while acting as buyers.

Speeches, Seminars And Sales Training That Take Salespeople On A Safari Deep Inside The Mind Of Their Prospects And Customers

Whether as a speech, seminar or sales training program, Don Shapiro shares his original discoveries in a fun and exciting way customized for what you offer and who you sell to. He takes your salespeople on a safari inside the mind of their prospects and customers as they learn how to apply this new information about how to close the sale.

How Prospects Travel From No To Yes
A Safari Inside The Customer’s Mind

Don’s been motivating salespeople to close more sales for over three decades by sharing new information about why people buy…and why they don’t. Give your salespeople something new that can actually boost your closing and win rates. Let Don Shapiro’s enthusiasm ignite your people with a customized education program about why their prospects and customers really say yes…and how they can use this new information to close more sales.

What Salespeople Will Learn That Helps Them Close The Sale

When salespeople are exposed to Don Shapiro’s discoveries about why people buy and how they figure out perceived value they are motivated to…

  • Ask more questions
  • Listen better
  • Interpret what they hear better
  • Avoid costly assumptions
  • Become more curious about what the customer thinks
  • Develop deeper relationships

This leads them to do the following five things which together will cause more customers to say yes more often:

  1. Increase the number of needs and wants uncovered
  2. Raise how serious and compelling those needs and wants are
  3. Present solutions that align with the customer’s needs and wants
  4. Raise how important the customer ranks each benefit
  5. Increase the perceived value of what is offered

When salespeople do all five to the max, they close more sales, retain more customers and increase referrals to new prospects.

“Closing the sale is about the entire sales process, not just the end of the process. It isn’t any one thing a salesperson does that makes the difference in closing the sale. It’s everything they do that makes the difference. Closing the sale starts with the first contact and proceeds through every sales conversation until a salesperson helps their prospect see the highest value possible.”  Don Shapiro, President, First Concepts Consultants, Inc.

Contact Don Shapiro to explore how these discoveries can boost your sales force

For your next meeting or conference, let Don energize your salespeople and give them something they can immediately apply to close more sales.


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Additional Resources on closing the sale and customer value

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This article describes Don Shapiro’s 30 years of research into why people buy that lead to his latest discoveries which help salespeople close more sales.  You will learn how the research was conducted and how each discovery raised more questions that lead to further research. His latest discoveries are currently only available through the speeches, seminars, training and consulting services offered by First Concepts Consultants, Inc. A book is in the works but won’t be finished until more sales forces have been exposed to these discoveries to see how they affect salespeople’s closing rate.

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Increase Sales By Finding The Stealth Customer Value

Looks at what customer value is, how customers figure out their perceptions of value and the existence of hidden value that could help justify more purchases at a profitable price.

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